Mission and Objetives


The Department of Environmental Sciences of the UPR-Rio Piedras (UPRRP) aims to advance research on the structure and function of ecosystems, environmental sustainability, natural resources, and earth sciences and to train scientists with a vast or integrated knowledge of the environment. The mission of the Environmental Sciences Program is to prepare scientists with a broad command of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as advanced technologies, in the field of environmental sciences so that they can serve the country by providing their knowledge towards achieving sustainable development.

Specific Objectives

  • Understand, explain, and analyze interdependence and cause-and-effect relationships that occur in environmental systems, as well as the impact of human activities on these systems.
  • Identify, define, and analyze environmental problems looking for viable solutions within the social, ecological, economic, and political context in which they live.
  • Apply modern methods of analysis around the quality of the environment and the evaluation of environmental parameters.
  • Propose environmental management strategies.
  • Critically analyze environmental assessment documents and be an effective communicator around environmental issues.
  • Plan and conduct field studies, and analyze studies conducted by others to verify the adequacy of the procedures and compliance with the current regulations.
  • Work in teams and collaborate on multidisciplinary field studies and research projects in environmental sciences.
  • Be an agent of change in the community regarding the preservation of the environment and optimal use of natural resources.
  • Occupy technical positions in government agencies and private companies in which the services of an environmental scientist are required.
  • Participate and contribute effectively in the processes that lead to the protection of environmental resources at all levels.
  • Contribute to knowledge in the environmental sciences through research to all levels.