Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear medicine technologist uses radioactive material in the diagnosis and therapy of some health conditions. Diagnosis involves the detection of radiation from radioactive substances administered to patients while therapy involves administration of radionuclides for disease treatment or symptom reduction.

Supervised by a specialized doctor, the technologist carries out preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals, analysis of biological samples and radionuclide imaging. Administrative and management responsibilities can also be part of their career. Nuclear medicine technologists can be employed in hospitals and nuclear medicine laboratories.

Students interested in pursuing this career complete the first required 99 credits at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Upon completion of these requirements, a transfer application to the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus must be requested at the Río Piedras Registrar’s Office.
Once transferred to the Nuclear Medicine Technology program at the College of Health Related Professions, students must take approximately an additional year of professional courses in order to complete their baccalaureate at the Medical Sciences campus.

Course Requirements (99 credits)

A.  General Studies and Humanities (36 credits)

Course Credits
English* 12
Spanish* 12
Humanities (HUMA 3101-3102) 6
Social Sciences (SOCI 3121-312 6

* Students that obtain an A or B grade in Honor Spanish (SPAN 3111-3112) and/or Honor English courses (ENGL 3111-3112) don’t have to take a second year of these courses. However, these 12 credits must be added to their elective courses.

B.  Natural Sciences (51credits)

Course Credits
Biology (BIOL 3101-3102 and 3711-3712) 12
Physics (PHYS 3011-3012-3013-3014) 8
Mathematics (MATH 3001, 3018 or 3023-3024 and 3151) 11
General Chemistry (CHEM 3001-3002) 8
Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3031-3032) 8
Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 3025) 4

C.  Free Electives (12 credits)

Other Requirements
  • Minimum general grade average: 2.50
  • Personal interview
How to apply to the Medical Sciences Campus