Campus Reclassification & TransferS

Why do a degree in interdisciplinary studies in natural sciences?

The pedagogical vision of the Interdisciplinary Program in Natural Sciences is based on the development of research, analysis and critical thinking skills through the application of the scientific method. Through academic advising, a study program tailored to their professional goals is developed together with the student. The goal is for you to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of natural sciences alongside other disciplines of human knowledge.

Opportunities for students

Our graduates are trained to pursue graduate studies, enter professional schools or enter the world of work. It also allows you to work in pharmaceutical industries and government agencies. However, the employment possibilities of our graduates may include additional work alternatives, according to the approach chosen by the student to develop their interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in natural sciences.

If you wish to change your program concentration or are interested in transferring from another university please consider the following requirements:
  • General GPA: 3.00 out of a 4.00 scale
  • Science and Math GPA: 3.00 out of a 4.00 scale
  • Interview with program director.
  • Have approved:
    • Calculus 1 (MATE 3151 or its equivalent)
    • Basic Sciences (two (2) out of six (6) basic courses or eight (8) credits): General Biology, General Chemistry and /or University Physics)