Medical Technology

A medical technologist is a healthcare professional that carries out diagnostic analytical tests on various human body fluids. They can work in clinical laboratories, in hospitals, reference labs or doctor’s offices and in the biotechnology industry.

Students interested in pursuing this career complete the first required 100 credits at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Upon completion of these requirements, a transfer application to the School of Medical Technology at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus must be requested at the Río Piedras Registrar’s Office. Graduates receive a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences campus.


There is a minimum requirement of 100 credits prior to applying for transfer to the Medical Technology School at the Medical Sciences campus. These courses may also be required for admission to private schools on the Island such as the Metropolitan campus of the Interamerican University and the Pontifical Catholic University in Ponce. In addition, some private schools may require a Bachelor’s degree as a pre-requisite for admission; students must verify the specific requirements for these schools.

Courses Requirements

A. General Studies and Humanities (36 credits)

Course Credits
English* 12
Spanish* 12
Humanities (HUMA 3101-3102) 6
Social Sciences (SOCI 3121-312 6

* Students that obtain an A or B grade in the Spanish Honor course (SPAN 3111-3112) and/or English Honor course (ENGL 3111-3112) don’t have to take a second year of these courses. However, they must add these 6 or 12 credits to their elective courses.

B. Natural Sciences Courses (53 credits)

Course Credits
General Biology (BIOL 3101-3102) 6
General Physics with lab.(PHYS 3011-3012-3013-3014) 8
Mathematics (MATH 3018 or 3023-3024 and 3151) 8
General Chemistry (CHEM 3001-3002) 8
Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3031-3032) 8
Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 3025) 4
Microbiology (BIOL 3705) 3
Immunology (BIOL 4056) 3
Biology electives* 5

* Recommended Biology courses include: General Biology (BIOL 3101-3102), Genetics (BIOL 3349), Microbiology (BIOL 3705), Cell Biochemistry (BIOL 4545), Cellular Molecular Biology (BIOL 3010), Human Biology (BIOL 3711-3712; 3781-3782), Immunology (BIOL 4056) or Immunobiology (BIOL 4475).   Approval of these courses can help students obtain a better DAT score.

C. Free Electives (11 credits)

Other Requirements
  • Minimum general grade average: 2.50
  • Personal interview
How to apply to the Medical Sciences Campus


Apply at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus Registrar’s office before February 15th. Students complete their baccalaureate in Medical Technology at the Medical Sciences campus.


Students with a Bachelor’s degree and the programs required courses must apply by December 15th of the year before they interest admission to the Medical Sciences Campus. Upon completion of the program, they receive a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Medical Technology.