Academic Evaluation

All students at the College of Natural Sciences are required to visit their counselor each semester for an academic evaluation. This process allows the student and counselor to discuss study plans in order to determine if the pre requisites for specific courses have been completed, suggest courses which would enrich the students academic preparation for their chosen field of interest and provide general academic guidance regarding student’s performance at the University. The guidance received during the academic evaluation is of particular importance for graduation candidates in order to determine that all of the College’s requirements have been fulfilled.

Due to the large amount of students registered in the Natural Sciences General Program, students must make an appointment for their academic orientations with their counselor during the evaluation period. Counselor appointments are usually given from September to October for the first semester and from February to March during the second semester. Evaluation periods correspond to dates prior to registration for Fall, Spring and Summer sessions in order to help the students with their course selection. Course registration periods are usually during the last weeks of May for the Fall session, during November for Fall and in April for Summer.

Our goal is to be able to offer personalized attention to each of our students; therefore, it is of extreme importance that students punctually attend their appointments on the established date. Once the evaluation period is finished, if a student requires general orientation on a particular subject other than an academic evaluation, there is no need for an appointment