Boston University Graduate Program

11/15/ 2016

Boston University has been awarded a five year NSF NRT Research Training Program on the topical area of Understanding the Brain with a specialization in Neurophotonics. Neurophotonics is the understanding of how neural activities at the cellular scale drive computation, behavior and psychology. The NRT program in Neurophotonics will include research that uses light and photo-activated materials to study, control and image neurons and neural circuits with cellular and sub-cellular resolution.

Because neurophotonics intersects multiple disciplines, this interdisciplinary research training program is for doctoral students enrolled in one of Boston University’s Graduate Programs for Neuroscience, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. This is not a new degree program, rather a specialization in Neurophotonics. Students will earn a doctoral degree in the department to which they have applied and been accepted, but they may have a co-advisor from a collaborative department in whose laboratory they will conduct research. NRT Trainees will join a community of researchers to support new developments in neurophotonics research at Boston University.

The application deadline for graduate school is December 15, 2016. If the students are interested in the NRT program, at the start of their personal statement, they should include: “I am interested in being considered as a Candidate for the NSF NRT in Neurophotonics”. They can also reach out to me to ensure that their application is flagged as a potential candidate for enrollment at BU and our NRT program.

The website is constantly being updated with new information and events . There are Facebook page and Twitter where the students can follow.

By more questions please contact

Prof. Helen Fawcett, Program Coordinator
Prof. Thomas Bifano, Director
Tel: 857-753-1719
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