Internship for Summer 2015 in NASA Center Virginia

01/13/ 2015


Opportunity Info

Opportunity Title: Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Opportunity Type: Internship
The student is expected to carry out chemical preparations and characterizations of functionalized low-dimensional nanomaterials toward applications in energy storage or conversion, such as supercapacitors, batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, etc. The materials of interest may include carbon nanotubes, graphene, boron nitride nanomaterials, and other one- or two-dimensional nanomaterials. The characterization techniques that will be used include electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, various spectroscopic techniques, and electrochemical measurements.
The student may present his/her findings in a research report and/or a oral/poster presentation upon completion. These findings will be incorporated into peer-reviewed publications or technical reports.
Basic chemistry lab skills is required. The student needs to be self-motivated and is willing to follow instructions and work in a team environment.


Session and Student Info

Summer 2015

(Note: Freshman-Senior refer to college students, not high school)
College - Freshman 
College - Sophomore 
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College - Senior 
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Academic discipline(s) that interested students should be studying.
Engineering - Chemical Eng.
Engineering - Materials Eng.
Science - Chemistry
Science - Physical Science
Technology - Nanotechnology


Work Site Location

Langley Research Center (LARC)

Langley Research Center
: Hampton Virginia
23681 2199

: 1293C / 245
Work Environment: