Professor Cabrera’s undergraduate student, Brismar Pinto-Pacheco, won the I. M. Kolthoff award

01/23/ 2014

Brismar Pinto-Pacheco, an undergraduate researcher in Professor Cabrera’s group, just won the I. M. Kolthoff award which will assist her travel expenses to the Spring ACS National Meeting & Exposition, March 16-20; Dallas, TX.

Brismar is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Since August 2012, she has been working in Dr. Cabrera’s laboratory under the support of the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) fellowship. It was in Dr. Cabrera’s lab that she discovered her passion for nano devices and biomolecule sensing. Her research interests are on the behavior of biomolecules, their different interactions at cellular level and the detection of these molecules with the aim to pinpoint the causes of diseases and to help treat them properly. She has been devoted in developing and improving selective and sensitive sensors (fluorescence or faradaic) for the measurement of the levels of specific analytes in different surfaces or systems and the identification of different diseases.

Her current research is focused on the “Electrochemical capacitive label-free detection of DNA modification and hybridization processes using custom made interdigitated gold micro electrodes.” The detection of DNA hybridization has been possible with electro active molecules that monitor the electron transfer mechanism during the hybridization process, which present a potential application for the creation of biosensors. For this project, she proposed to establish a bio-lab-on-a-chip technology using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based wireless sensing platform for the capacitive label-free detection of DNA hybridization processes, and has made significant progress.

Congrats, Brismar!