Our team won the 2nd place in “Techo-Chem Oquimpiadas 2013”

05/07/ 2013

Eleven students participated in the "Techo-Chem Oquimpiadas 2013" in UPR- Cayey Campus.  This "Oquimpiadas" are celebrated every year as part of a week of activities in the campus.  One group of our department won the second place among over 15 groups of different universities around all Puerto Rico.

We are proud of our students, they well represent the UPRRP Chemistry department.  They actually obtained both the second and third positions, but because of the rule, the third place was granted to Cayey. Mayagüez won the first place.

These students were:  Soraya Abdul-Hadi, Andrea Silva, Giovanni Ramirez, Emmanuel López, Christian Morales, Juan C. Ferrer, Gabriel Castro, Desiree Matias, Desiree Garcia, Jesús Acevedo y Julio Cedeño.  They were accompanied by Dra. Kariluz Dávila Díaz, which also helped them to get prepared.