Professor Ingrid Montes is the Candidate For Director-at-Large of ACS (2013-2015)

09/04/ 2012

Professor Ingrid Montes is the Candidate for Director-at-Large position in the Board of Directors of ACS.  Ingrid is directly nominated by the Board of Director, and is the first Hispanic person to be a candidate for that position.

Below is what Dr. Thomas H. Lane, 2009 ACS President, said about Ingrid,

“Ingrid is simply amazing! Her steadfast dedication and important contributions to science, the Society, and to students has helped to distinguish her from the other Director-at-Large candidates. Recipient of the American Chemical Society’s 2012 Volunteer Service Award, Ingrid has worked tirelessly for the Society. I have no doubt that she will be a vital, vibrant, and important representative of Council and our membership when she is elected Director-at-Large to the ACS Board. I acknowledge that all four candidates are formidable but, Dr. Ingrid Montes will be receiving one of my votes. Please consider casting one of your votes for Ingrid!”

The same as Dr. Lane, we sincerely appreciate your considering a vote for Professor Montes!

Please refer to Professor Montes’s website for more information,