2012 AAMC Joint Professional Development Conference for Admissions, Diversity Affairs, and Student Records Officers

06/08/ 2012



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Press Release- Medical School Recruitment Fair-Puerto Rico.pdf Press Release- Medical School Recruitment Fair-Puerto Rico.pdf

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The Group on Student Affairs (GSA) represents the interests of medical schools and medical students in the areas of admissions, diversity affairs, financial aid, student affairs, and student records.

Specifically, the Committee on Admissions (COA) receives and responds to information, requests, concerns and issues relating to medical school application and admission. The COA works closely with the GSA and other AAMC and external constituents in reviewing and deliberating on admissions issues referred to it.

The Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA) provides guidance on medical student diversity, on a local, regional, and national basis, with respect to student recruitment, admissions, retention and graduation. CODA serves as the representative body (leadership and support structure) of the larger constituency, the diversity affairs representatives. Diversity Affairs Representatives are the constituents at the medical schools who have responsibility for medical student diversity.

The Committee on Student Records (COSR) represents medical school student records professionals nationally. The profession has evolved from a primarily clerical function to one that encompasses technology, data management and security, and integrity of academic records. COSR's chief function is to advance the professional development opportunities and to provide leadership for AAMC medical school registrars.

Who Should Attend:
Admissions, Diversity Affairs, and Student Records representatives at AAMC member institutions are the target audience for this joint meeting.

Meeting Goals:

• Provide professional development for constituents in Admissions, Diversity Affairs and Student Records 
• Opportunity for three GSA entities to collaborate and discuss issues of common interest
• Disseminate timely information regarding new policies, procedures, and practice specific to each student affairs area