Special Conference: The Wolves and Moose of Island Royale, Lessons from 50 years of research

Date: March 30,2011 3-4pm A211

Speaker: John A. Vucetich, Director of Isle Royale wolf-moose research, Michigan Technological University.

Date/Time: March 30th from 3-4pm
Location: Room A-211 School of Natural Science, UPR Río Piedras: Room A-211 School of Natural Science, UPR Río Piedras

Abstract: Isle Royale is a wilderness island in Lake Superior and is inhabited by a singlelarge predator (wolves) who feed on a single large prey (moose). Isle Royale is also site ofthe world’s longest study of any predator-prey system in the world. The main focus of theresearch is understanding the population dynamics of predator-prey systems.

About theAuthor: John A. Vucetich is a professor of animal ecology at MichiganTechnological University. He co-leads research on the internationally recognizedwolves and moose project of Isle Royale, the longest continuous study of apredator-prey system in the world. His work also focuses on the relationshipbetween ecology and philosophy and ethics. He has served as a science or policyadviser for wolf and ungulate management issues in Alaska, Alberta, Ontario,Scandinavia, France, New Mexico, and Michigan.

Sponsored by: UPR-RP NSF-IGERT Program, The Center for Applied Tropical Ecology andConservation, The Environmental Science Program and The Institute for Tropical EcosystemStudies.