2018 NASA EPSCoR International Space Station Flight Opportunity & Call For Preproposals

04/11/ 2018

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It is a pleasure to notify the PR Scientific Community about the 2018 NASA EPSCoR International Space Station (ISS) Flight Opportunity(announcement number NNH18ZHA004C attached).

This Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) is for current or previously funded EPSCoR projects that are mature enough to design a research experiment or develop research experimental hardware to the point that  it can be safely flown on the International Space Station (ISS).

Each funded NASA EPSCoR proposal is expected to perform scientific and/or technical research in areas that support NASA’s strategic research and technology development priorities and contribute to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education, and economic development of the jurisdiction receiving funding.

Utilization of the ISS will further strengthen the relationships  between NASA and the EPSCoR jurisdictions in the pursuit of national priorities for the advancement of science. This use of the ISS will also open new paths for the jurisdictions to compete for and win much larger spaceflight research projects.

The CAN specifies the following: ?

  • Each EPSCoR jurisdiction can submit ONE proposal.
  • The maximum funding request per proposal is $100,000.
  • There is no cost share requirement.
  • The PI will be the jurisdiction’s NASA EPSCoR Director.

 Interested research teams are invited to submit their PREPROPOSALS tothe PR NASA EPSCoR Office.

The preproposals will be judged by a review panel to determine thebest candidate project to be developed into a full-fledged proposal.The preproposals must contain the following information:

1. Cover Page (one page)

a. Project Title

b. Research PI: name, affiliation, contact information

c. Co-investigators: names and affiliations

d. Collaborating NASA Center(s) and point(s) of contact

2. Project Summary (1 page)

3. Goals, Objectives, and Anticipated Results (1 page)

4. Project Description (5 pages max), including the following
information: Intrinsic Merit of Microgravity Experiment, Feasibility,
Time to flight, Crew time requirements, Power Requirements, Physical
Space Requirements.

5. Curriculum Vitae of PI and Co-Is (two pages per person)

Submission: Preproposals are due by 4:00 PM on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Hardcopies and digital files are accepted. (Digital files should be
named with the full name of the research PI.)

The preproposals must be sent to:

Ms. Mildred Rodríguez
Project Manager
304 Facundo Bueso Bldg
PO Box 23334
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-3334
Phone: 787-282-7047