Néstor M. Carballeira

Dr. Nestor Carballeira

Dr. Nestor Carballeira

Chemistry Graduate and Undergraduate Program

e-mail: nestor.carballeira1@upr.edu
Office: FB-135D
Lab: FB-119

Research Interests

-Lipid Chemistry and Marine Natural Products: Isolation and Synthesis of New Fatty
Acids of Marine Origin
-New Antiplasmodial and Antifungal Lipids


Our laboratory deals with the structural elucidation, total synthesis and biological activity of novel lipids from marine organisms. Particular emphasis is placed on those lipids with antifungal, antimalarial and cytotoxic properties. Most of the novel marine lipids have been isolated from Caribbean sponges, in particular from symbiotic microorganisms associated with sponges. At present we are working in the synthesis of a series of novel marine fatty acids that have shown important inhibition against the enoyl-ACP-reductase (FabI) enzyme of the protozoan parasite Plasmodium falciparum, the most important agent causing malaria. We are interested in establishing a structure activity relationship with these compounds aimed at discovering the most potent fatty acid against both this parasite and the FabI enzyme. Specifically, we wish to answer questions such as what structural characteristics of these fatty acids favor their Fabl inhibitory activity and how do the Fabl inhibitory activity correlates with changes in carbon chain-length. A student involved in this project will work in the synthesis of several of these fatty acid analogues, gain valuable experience in organic synthesis, and at the same time he will get exposure to experimental techniques in lipidology. At the same time the student will also get experience in marine natural products as new lipids from marine organisms are constantly being isolated in our laboratory.

This model shows the 2-hexadecynoic acid inside the Pf FabG enzyme so as to explain its inhibitory effect. The compounds blue are other isomeric hexadecynoic acids which are not active towards the enzymein. Photo courtesy of Dr. Mire Zloh, School of Pharmacy, University of London.


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