Chemistry Undergraduate Research

QUIM 4999 

The undergraduate research course offers you the opportunity to conduct research in your area of interest under the supervision of a professor. You can enroll in 1, 2 or 3 credits up to a maximum of 6 credits during your undergraduate studies for classified students in Chemistry. Up to four (4) of those credits can be used as directed electives.

It is important that the teacher with whom you go to work fill out and sign an enrollment form in the QUIM 4999 course, which you get from the Chemistry Department. Once the form has been duly completed, it must be returned to the Chemistry Department during the course selection period or during enrollment.


Section(credits) Lab Hours
Academic Semester Summer
011(1) 5 hours/week

(80 hours/semester)

2.7 hours/day

13.5 hours/week

X 6 weeks = 81 hours

012(2) 10 hours/week

(160 hours/semester)

5.3 hours/day

27 hours/week

X 6 weeks = 162 hours

013(3) 15 hours/week

(240 hours/semester)

8 hours/day

40 hours/week

X 6 weeks = 240 hours



You can enroll in QUIM 4999 ONLY with the teachers assigned to the Chemistry program. However, there is some research by faculty from other programs that could be enrolled under QUIM 4999 provided it is approved by the Director of the Department of Chemistry. In addition, if you are interested in doing research in other areas related to Biology, you have the option to enroll under BIOL 4990, which would count you as a free elective as long as the sum of credits between QUIM 4999 and BIOL 4990 does not exceed 6 credits.

Instructions to enroll QUIM 4999