Kai Hans Griebenow

Dr. Kai Griebenow

Dr. Kai Griebenow

Chemistry Graduate and Undergraduate Professor
e-mail: kai.griebenow@upr.edu; kai.griebenow@gmail.com
Phone: (787) 908-6404
Laboratory: FB 215
Office: FB 141

Webpage: https://scholar.google.com.pr/citations?user=fAXw3XoAAAAJ&hl=en

Research interests
-protein biochemistry, protein formulation and stability
-protein structure
-environmental research
-bio-degradable polymers and plastic replacements
-impact of contamination on ecosystems, using plants as indicators

Research in the Griebenow group has now shifted from biomedical to environmental research. At the core of our interests are investigations related to developing a more sustainable future, developing alternatives to not biocompatible products (e.g., bio-plastics), measuring the level and impact of contamination (e.g., heavy metals), amongst other.