Kai Hans Griebenow

Chemistry Graduate and Undergraduate Professor
e-mail: kai.griebenow@gmail.com
Phone: (787) 908-6404

Research interests
Structure-guided protein encapsulation
-non-aqueous enzymology
-protein formulation
-protein stability
-protein glycosylation
-relationship between protein structural dynamics and enzyme activity
-PEG modification of proteins
-bio-fuel cells.

Research in our laboratory typically involves exploration of interdisciplinary subjects involving protein biochemistry as one main aspect. Specifically, we are working on (a) improving systems for the sustained release of protein drugs from biocompatible polymer micro- and nanospheres; (b) stabilizing proteins by covalent modification with glycans and polymers for various applications (e.g., formulation, devices); (c) non-aqueous enzymology to stereoselective synthesize drug precursor molecules; (d) immobilize enzymes on nano-structured or -sized devices in biosensor and fuel-cell applications; (e) nano-particulate protein powders in delivery applications; (f) develop novel experiments to improve student learning in general chemistry laboratories; (g) computational modeling of modified proteins; (h) relationship between enzyme glycosylation, dynamics, function, and stability; (i) stabilization of proteins at interfaces (e.g., those encountered in medical devices).