Ingrid Montes


Chemistry Graduate Program Mentor

office: CN-332
office extension: 88528

Research Interests
-organometallic synthesis
-ferrocene derivatives
-biological activity

Dr. Montes has two current areas of research: Organometallic chemistry and Chemical education. In the organometallic chemistry area, she explores the synthesis and characterization of various ferrocene derivatives and studies their potential applications, such as, redox-sensors, polymers, dyes sensitizers for solar cells, phototherapeutic agents, and in drug design. She develops new methodologies applying green chemistry principles. In Chemical education, her research work is based upon the theoretical perspective, building on constructivist learning theory, mostly applied to organic chemistry, green chemistry and history of chemistry learning. Through her research and volunteer service she has contributions to Chemistry, Chemical Education, and Community outreach in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the world.