Grading Substitution Policy When Repeating Courses

If you got F or D the first time – you don’t have to do any paperwork when you repeat the course. If you get a grade better than D, it will automatically be replaced by D or F for purposes of calculating your GPA. However, the record of the D or F obtained the first time will remain in your academic record – it will not be erased.

If you obtained C or B the first time and you want the grade obtained to be replaced by repeating the previous grade – at the time of registering or at the latest before taking the 1st exam of the course when you are repeating it, you must fill out the grade replacement form and deliver it to the Department of Chemistry. Note that this grade replacement cannot be requested after knowing the first partial exam mark, much less at the end of the semester when you have already obtained the final grade. If you do not fill out the substitution request on time, your grade will be averaged with the C or B obtained previously.

This application can only be completed 1 time in the student’s academic career.