Application Procedure Graduate Studies

Students should specify if they are applying to an  M.S. or Ph.D. Program in Biology. We encourage prospective students to contact faculty members with whom they share interests to explore possibilities of working together.

Application Process

Before your apply:

  • Verify that you fulfill the admission criteria.
  • Learn about application deadlines.
  • Take the Graduate Record Examination Test (GRE). Official results have to be received before the application deadline.
  • Identify 3-4 referees willing to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Contact one of our faculty members to explore shared research interests.
  • If you are an international student, check the specific  information available at the Deanship of Graduate studies for international students.

On-line application:

  • Access and complete the on-line application form ( and provide the names and contact information of 3-4 referees.
  • Pay the application fee while completing the on-line application.

Document submission:

  • Three copies of your official transcripts of the university that conferred your degree(s) showing  evidence of degree completion.
  • Personal and research statements.
  • Letters of recommendation from 3 referees.
  • Curriculum vitae.

Evidence of online application, and the documentation listed above should be sent to the Graduate Program (see contact information) and or before the admissions deadline for the semester you are applying, which will be specified in the online application form.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines are set by the Deanship of Graduate Studies:

  • Second week of August (to start in January)
  • Second week of January (to start in August).

Only complete applications received not later than the dates shown above will be evaluated by the graduate committee. For foreign students this means planning way in advance to target the GRE test date that will guarantee receiving the scores on time. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that all the material is received by this date. We notify students about our decision by March 20.

Student Selection

Students with the strongest academic records and research experience and interests that match that of our graduate faculty will rank the highest. The research statement that is part of the application, evidence of research experience, and the letters of recommendation carry a heavy weight at the time of ranking the applications.

We strongly recommend contacting our faculty before the application procedure. This may increase your chances of being admitted to our program given that the faculty shares your research interests and agrees to guide through your first semester, if not through your entire time at UPR-RP as your advisor. Decisions regarding courses, topics for a research project, and other academic issues are taken between the two of you.