Milestones and Progress Reports Graduate Students

The requirements to complete a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in a timely manner are diverse and demanding. We have prepared a suggested timetable to reach important milestones. These can be achieved easily if you communicate with and get your advisor and committee members involved actively in your education.

Annual Progress Report

We expect our graduate students to prepare an annual progress report evidenced by Anejo K. This report should be discussed with the student’s advisor and committee members no later than July 31 of each academic year. This annual report serves several functions. First, it helps students, professors, and the graduate program monitor student’s progress. Second, we can learn about the work of or students. Lastly, we can maintain our database to assess the long-term performance of the graduate program.

Timetable of progress and corresponding approval forms:

(1)  Constitution of Graduate Committee Form:   Anejo B
(2)  Take and pass the Qualification Exam -Approval Form:   Anejo D
(3)  Write Research Proposal and defend it with your committee -Approval Form:  Anejo E
(4)  Thesis/Dissertation Defense -Approval Form: Anejo F
(5)  Request Modification Graduate Committee Form: Anejo C