Undergraduate Program

General Information

The undergraduate Biology curriculum offersProf. Patricia Burrowes a versatile program that will prepare students for a graduate career in science or for medical school and related health-allied professions.

We have a group of extremely well qualified Faculty that are involved in cutting edge research programs of international recognition, and offer motivating classes in their areas of expertise. The Department of Biology has traditionally encouraged students to get involved in research at various levels.

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**NEW** Enrollment information / INFORMACIÓN DE MATRICULA SEM II 2020-2021 -Click on the following links:   

(1)   The Biology Course schedule for Sem II 2020-2021 -starting January 2021   This, and information on all other courses  that can fulfill your General Education and authorization forms for Undergraduate Biology Research (Biol 4990)  and Tutoring (Biol 4980) are available in Course Offerings at the end of the menu to the left.

(2)   Orden y distribución de Turnos para el proceso de  selección de cursos para la matricula

(3)   Información de cómo leer la pantalla del sistema de matrícula de la UPR: Pantalla ICS: buscar cursos con espacio disponible.