Two of our female faculty members recently interviewed by the press:


As the world celebrates accomplishments by women this week, we share two recent journalistic interviews featuring two of our female faculty members: Dr. Elvira Cuevas and Dr. Carmen Maldonado.  In the interviews these successive scientists share aspects of their professional trajectories, challenges they have overcome and their interesting biological research topics.

Dr. Elvira Cuevas, in Journal El Vocero, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 5. 2019:

Dr. Carmen Maldonado, interviewed by Caminos en Ciencia during the SACNAS conference last October, 2018:,%2014.04.mp3?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1V0JFaucOKtsW_FSRkzdhJqfMZPUgpi-C2eXp5FZwZql5H1cbXGnCLM7s


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