Admissions Criteria

High school students interested in completing a B.Sc. in Biology have to apply directly to the University of Puerto Rico, and choose as their first option Biology at the College of Natural Sciences in the Rio Piedras campus. Students interested in Biology should meet the UPR and UPR-RP campus-wide requirements plus those set by the College of Natural Sciences, and the Department of Biology. Our department is the largest in the College of Natural Sciences, serving on average 400 new students every academic year. To be considered by our undergraduate program students should hold a High School degree and have a General Admission Index or IGS greater or equal to that calculated for that year. The IGS is based on your GPA and your scores in the Verbal and Mathematical sections of either the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Once admitted, students spend their academic year taking their first course in Biology, as well a other science and general education courses in the across campus, and then may start taking courses offered by different academic units of the College of Natural Sciences, including Biology. Alternatively, students that passed the AP tests can bypass some of these basic courses. Students admitted in other colleges at UPR-RP and that decide to major in Biology may request a reclassification. Those admitted in other UPR campuses and universities and that decide to study Biology at UPR-RP may request a transfer

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