Recommended course sequence

Course sequence

The set of courses that you will take to obtain your degree in Biology seek to accomplish different goals in your education. These are divided into those required by the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras campus to fulfill your general education, the College of Natural Sciences to fulfill your science knowledge, and the Department of Biology to fulfill your specialty and research knowledge. Taking and passing the Advanced Placement (AP) tests will determine in important ways the sequence of courses that you will take. Passing the AP tests in Mathematics and Language will allow you to immerse directly in your study program. Otherwise you will have to complete these requirements while at UPR-RP.

Depending on the area of emphasis in our curriculum that you choose,  we suggest a particular sequence of courses that differ depending on whether you have approved the AP tests or not.   Click on the  links below  to download a table with a suggested course sequence:

Proposed course sequence for students with approved AP tests

Curricular sequence-AP

Proposed course sequence for students that did not approve the AP tests

Curricular sequence-noAP