Undergraduate Research

We offer a course, BIOL 4990, with varying number of credits that offers students the opportunity to join a researcher’s lab and participate actively in their research program. This course is a great way to obtain training in diverse research skills in biology  from laboratory techniques to field sampling, understanding the scientific literature and writing scientific articles.  To get enrolled in the course follow the instructions under BIOL 4990 . In addition to instructions, you will find a directory of professors/researchers that support undergraduate research and the form that you need to complete.

In addition to BIOL 4990 we have several summer programs sponsored by national agencies such as NSF and NIH. Also, other universities and research institutions offer research opportunities during the summer. Search for NSF REU which is a MUST first stop. To apply check out their websites, and lookout for  announcement on boards throughout our Department. In this link you can find a QR code to access all available summer research opportunities for undergraduate students.