Recent Publications

Below we list the most recent publications (past 6-8 months) by  faculty and students in our Department. For a complete list of publications of each faculty member, visit their lab websites which are listed in the Faculty directory.

Pagán-Jiménez M. Ruiz Calderón JF, Dominguez-Bello MB, García-Arrarás JE. (2019) Characterization of the instestinal microbiota of the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima. PLoS ONE 14 (1): e020811

Wiscovitch-Russo R, Narganes-Stordes Y, Cano RJ, Toranzos GA. (2019) Origin of the New World Plasmodium vivax: Facts and New Approaches. International Microbiology. 2019:1-6

Pérez-Fernández, C. A., Iriarte, M., Rivera-Pérez, J., Tremblay, R. L., & Toranzos, G. A. (2019). Microbiota dispersion in the Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia) as determined by community structure analyses. International Microbiology, 1-12.

Publicación de la estudiante doctoral Maria Isabel Herrera-Montes y la ex-alumna Adriana Herrera-Montes PhD.:   Bernal, X. E., Rojas, B., Pinto, M. A., Mendoza-Henao, Á. M., Herrera-Montes, A., Herrera-Montes, M. I., Caceres Franco. A.  And 259 signatories including Burrowes, P. A. (2019). Empowering Latina scientists. Science (New York, NY), 363(6429), 825.

Garcia-Recinos, L., Burrowes, P. A., and Dominguez-Bello, M. G. 2019. The skin microbiota of Eleutherodactylus frogs: effects of host ecology, phylogeny, and local environment. Frontiers in Microbiology, section Microbial Symbioses.

Ackerman, J. D. 2019. Orchids and the persistent instability principle. Pages 42-51 in A. M. Pridgeon & A. R. Arosemena, eds. Proceedings of the 22nd World Orchid Conference, Vol. 1. Asociación Ecuatoriana de Orquideología, Guayaquil, Ecuador.