Projects and Research Groups

Perfil de Salud: Trajectory of Health Behaviors among first year university students at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus (Perfil de Salud)
This longitudinal observational study aims to describe the changes that occur among first year university students during their first two years of study. The transition to the university life may bring challenges and difficulties that can alter health behaviors such as dietary intake, physical activity, patterns of sleep, alcohol consumption among others. A convenience sample of students enrolled for their first year of study was recruited between 2015 and 2017. Anthropometric measures, dietary intake, health behaviors and biochemical data were collected at baseline, end of the first year, beginning of the second year and end of the second year of study. Findings will facilitate a description of the health profile of students admitted to the university and the changes in health behaviors that may occur during the transition to the university. A description of the profile may indicate the need for health promotion and prevention interventions as well as health services that must be offered to university students.

Researchers: Elsa Pinto, Brenda Toro, Annabel Cruz, and Lizette Vicéns

Nutrition Live Project at UPR-RP
Distance education project of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program subsidized by the USDA.