Research Overview

Our faculty has a broad range of research interests spanning all levels of biological organization from molecules and cells to ecosystems and landscapes, yet over the past 15 years we have consolidated four core research areas: Cellular-Molecular Biology, Ecology and Systematics, Evolution and Genetics, and Neuroscience. More recently our faculty has engaged in highly interdisciplinary work and is using tropical species as model organisms in addition to traditional ones. Interactions between our faculty and other research groups in Puerto Rico and elsewhere tackling similar problems, has expanded the opportunities for our faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. In addition to these core research areas in science, we have faculty doing research in science education Our research facilities and resources are diverse, and range from high tech shared lab facilities to field stations in the nearby El Yunque forest. Our strategic position allows easy access to the diverse ecosystems harbored in Puerto Rico, and easy access to and from other Caribbean Islands and the mainland.