Bioinformatics Lab

The Bioinformatics Satellite Laboratory (BSL) has three PC~Rs (Dell 650) and two Apple G5 as desktops that are connected to our own server (Heliconious) that holds about 4 TBytes .  We also have several software in the facility that could help you in the analysis of your data.  Following this message you will find a brief description of each software.  The facilities are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, but in the near future we will install a combination lock that will let you get in at any time.  You are welcome to use the facilities for data storage and analysis, or for workshops. You can open a FREE account to access the server and computers.  We are continuously renovating the facilities so any good idea will be welcome. We have installed Adobe® Illustrator®, OLIGO, MacClade, Sequencher, FileMaker, PC MACLAN, EndNote, SAGA, Spot, Lasergene, and SNP Discovery.


Pedro Alvarez-Ortiz, Bioinformatics Specialist
JGD 215


(787) 764-0000 x 1-2974