Prospective Students

At this moment, the Nutrition and Dietetics Program offers one (1) Bachelor of Science degree program of study in Nutrition and Dietetics, which may result in credentials to Become a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN), by following the steps outlined below under the topic.  This program of study may be entered through:

  1. Application as a first-time university, or new, student
  2. Reclassification from another major
  3. Transfer from another UPR campus or private university
  4. Application as a second-time university student (post-graduate) pursuing a second (or additional) degree

The Nutrition and Dietetics faculty are also currently revising curricula and working to offer additional degree opportunities for students interested in Nutrition, including an additional track for a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition that does not lead to licensing for the practice of dietetics, a nutrition minor, as well as a Master of Science degree option.

Note: Beginning with the 2015-2016 academic year, a plan to control admissions for entry to the Nutrition and Dietetics major was implemented due to an overage in students beyond the accredited enrollment maximum; this plan was generated from a meeting of Deans, Directors and student support personnel in the Dean of Academic Affairs of the Río Piedras Campus of the UPR for compliance with ACEND accreditation (September 1, 2015). This admissions control plan is detailed in the following PowerPoint presentation Town Hall Meeting for Students – Nutrition & Dietetics Program; this plan was explained in person during a public, student conversational meeting held by the Director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program, Dr. Michelle Schelske Santos, on October 2, 2015. This plan will remain in effect until the Program comes into compliance with the accredited enrollment, or until it is given the authorization by ACEND to increase enrollment.

Without exception, students in the process of being classified into the Program will only be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 11 credits of concentration courses (NUTR) and require the prior approval of the Director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs of the College of Natural Sciences. Specific courses and sections are subject to availability and the students’ prior approval of established prerequisites.