Supporting Integrative Geosciences: National Alliance for Leadership in Sustainability

Overview: The University of Puerto Rico-Rí­o Piedras Campus, in alliance with University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus; Texas A & M University; University of Texas, Arlington; California State University, San Bernardino; University of South Florida; University of the Virgin Islands; and Miami Dade College is creating the Supporting Integrative Geosciences: National Alliance for Leadership in Sustainability (SIGNALS) Center at the University of Puerto Rico-Rí­o Piedras Campus. Collectively, these institutions comprise educational, ethnic, and geographic diversity. The partnership brings together faculty with the shared expertise to support the GEO STEP Center programás primary mission of educating new pools of both STEM and non-STEM students in the geosciences. This partnership will also serve as a springboard for greater national engagement in geosciences education and literacy. The SIGNALS Center addresses the national challenge of sustainability. Scientific evidence for global environmental transformation and climate change leaves little doubt that human sustainability will be tested in the decades and centuries to come. This will concern everything from global food security and other geopolitical and economic issues, to community resiliency from hazards and extreme events and virtually all aspects of natural resource use, management, and protection. This clearly calls for a workforce capable of addressing the complex problems, and the need to increase the number and diversity of students entering the geosciences has never been greater. Alliance activities will focus on enriching the geosciences pipeline with new talent to form a workforce prepared to apply sustainability knowledge.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting initiative or would like to know more, please contact the PI, Dr. Brad Weiner, UPR Río Piedras or one of the co-PIs: Dr. Pamela Jansma, UT Arlington; Dr. Kate Miller, Texas A&M; Dr. Jackie Dixon, University of South Florida; or Dr. Nilda Aponte, UPR Mayagüez

Educational Activities

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Geoscience module development

Partner Institutions

University of Puerto Rico-Rí­o Piedras

University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez

Texas A & M University

University of Texas, Arlington

California State University, San Bernardino

University of South Florida

University of the Virgin Islands

Miami Dade College, North Campus

Tarrant County College