In January 1999 the logo of the College of Natural Sciences was redesigned. To start the process, the former logo was analyzed, and two draft logos were designed and presented to the professors. Eventually eleven logo designs were presented to the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the College to vote for selection of the three best candidates.

The three top logos were then presented to a meeting of professors, who requested that the ideas be submitted to the Workshop for Scientific Illustration for further development. At a later date, Dr. Rafael Joglar of the Department of Biology submitted two additional logos that were included in the final ballot for voting.

The final logo was created by the Scientific Illustrator José M. Terrón and was selected in December 2001.

Description of the logo

Overall, the logo represents the campus' s iconic tower. The yellow color stands for the College of Natural Sciences and red for the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras. Inside the tower, the acronym CN means Natural Sciences ("Ciencias Naturales" in Spanish) and U.P.R. stands for University of Puerto Rico. The globe is a symbol of the internationalization of the natural sciences.

Natural Sciences logo