Venture Capital Investing - Education and Opportunity

04/24/ 2017


  • Lunch meetup with conversation about Venture Capital and Investment Opportunities (Focus detailed below). Agenda and speakers will be announced next week.

Who should attend:

  • Have already invested in some startups or in Venture Capital in general, and are interested in gaining access to deals
  • Have invested in other areas/assets, but Venture Capital is a foreign concept about which you'd like to learn
  • Have concerns about investing in Venture Capital and/or startups, and want to better understand the risks and benefits


  • Venture Capital investing in general
  • How to diversify in tech and gain access to many startups (rather than picking and choosing one-by-one, or if the latter, how to pick and screen startups)
  • How to mitigate risk
  • Why investing in tech makes sense (even for those who are more risk-averse)
  • How to get started
  • Investment opportunities