JTM/PRISM 2017 Deadline is TODAY!

03/20/ 2017

The e-registration for the Junior Technical Meeting and the Puerto Rico Interdisciplinary Scientific Meeting (JTM/PRISM) is now open. The JTM/PRISM will be held on April 29th , 2017at the University of Puerto Rico, HumacaoDeadline for the registration: Monday March 20, 2017.


Personnel will be available to help on your registration only on from until Friday.

If you have trouble during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) we will not be able to assist you.

Check your registration! Did you register and get the confirmation page?  (example image below) - If you did not, contact us for help!

How to check if you are registered for this event:

  • Login into your PR-LSAMP website profile.

  • At your home page look for the “Registration Status” section (green background row)

  • Below it should appear “JTM-PRISM 2017”    and to the right it should read “You are Registered”

If this does not appear, you are not registered into the “JTM-PRISM 2017” please try to register again. Remember to follow the instructions: (click for instructions).  If you have problems, write to this email for help.

When you finish you registration into the JTM-PRISM 2016 you should get this confirmation page (this is an example from last year):

If you do not see this confirmation page, you have not registered successfully into the activity.  Please contact us (this email) for help. This link help you with the JTM-PRISM registration:  Registration help. The instructions for Oral Presentation (for undergraduate and pre-college students) and Poster set up (for graduate students) are included as an attachment. You may click on the promotion image to register or enter the following address into your browser: For additional information please contact us: