The graduate student from chemistry department, Perla Cruz-Tato, won the NASA ASTAR Fellowship

08/25/ 2015

The graduate student Perla Cruz-Tato from our Chemistry Department has been awarded the NASA ASTAR Fellowship to continue her graduate studies. Perla is a 2nd year graduate student working in Dr. Eduardo Nicolau's research group

.Perla's proposal was selected among numerous proposals and constitutes one of the only ten proposals awarded throughout the whole nation. This is a major accomplishment from one of our students and it deserves to be disclosed to the academic community.

The proposal entitled: On the design and fabrication of a dual-purpose forward osmosis membrane with anti-biofouling and catalytic activity: A wastewater reclamation approach was awarded the amount of $55,000 per year for a total period of three years ($165k total). The proposal was reviewed by a panel of experts from NASA and they rated the ACADEMIC MERIT AND DISTINCTION as Excellent and the SCIENTIFIC MERIT OF THE PROPOSED RESEARCH as Very Good.