Professor Tinoco's Inorganic Chemistry article is featured in Global Medical Discovery.

04/29/ 2014

Professor Tinoco's paper "Applying the Fe(III) Binding Property of a Chemical Transferrin Mimetic to Ti(IV) Anticancer Drug Design” (Inorg. Chem.201453, 743) was selected by  Global Medical Discovery as a  key scientific article contributing to excellence in biomedical research.

According to the Dr. David Levy, the VP of Scientific affairs, Global Medical Discovery alerts the scientific, clinical and industrial community to innovative papers dedicated to investigating causes and discovering cures for major diseases and debilitating illnesses. Global Medical Discovery is viewed almost 585,000 times each month by an audience of academic, clinical, and industrial R&D Scientists and it is featured on the intranets of a growing number of the top 50 Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies as well as major academic institutions.