Former undergraduate student dedicated a research article to UPR chemistry department

12/03/ 2013

Our former undergraduate student, Sergio C. Nanita, recognizes the quality of his undergraduate education in chemistry at UPR-Rio Piedras by dedicating a research article in a recent issue ofAnalytical Chemistry.

S.C. Nanita, “Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Independence from Matrix Effects and Detector Saturation Achieved by Flow Injection Analysis with Real-Time Infinite Dilution”. Analytical Chemistry, DOI 10.1021/ac402567w

In this paper, Nanita writes, this paper is “Dedicated, in appreciation, to Prof. Ingrid Montes, Prof. Osvaldo Rosario, and the chemistry faculty at the University of Puerto Rico-R??o Piedras.”

Dr. Sergio C. Nanita is an analytical chemist and mass spectrometrist known for his innovative methods for rapid detection of chemicals in the most complex systems. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras in 2001 and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University in 2005. Sergio joined DuPont in 2006, where he is currently a principal investigator.

In the email communications with Dr. Nanita, he says,

“I had a very positive experience as an undergraduate chemistry student at the UPR-Rio Piedras from 1996 to 2001. Key benefits of my undergraduate education include: (i) excellent course work, (ii) early exposure to research through MARC, and (iii) opportunities to develop leadership skills. As an undergraduate student, I learned the fundamentals of chemistry very well, thanks in part to course work designed to produce a rock-solid chemistry foundation. I definitely felt prepared when I took graduate chemistry courses at Purdue University. Also, I was exposed to scientific research for the first time at the laboratory of Prof. Osvaldo Rosario as a member of MARC. This experience, together with guidance from UPR-RP chemistry faculty, helped me realize that pursuing a Ph.D. was the appropriate path for me. Undergraduate research also led me to discover my passion for analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry – 15 years have passed and I’m still active in these specific fields of chemistry. The American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter (ACS-SAC) at UPR-RP was my “leadership training camp”. I did not necessarily see it that way as an undergraduate student. Now, I know how my involvement with the chapter helped me develop skills and opportunities that have been essential for my success as a professional in the chemical sciences. The ACS-SAC also facilitated my first experience as a volunteer in the community and the ACS; I have been an avid volunteer since. Prof. Ingrid Montes has done a phenomenal job as advisor of the ACS Student Affiliate Chapter for more than 20 years. It makes me happy to know that the chapter continues to excel and many students have had (and will continue to have) the enriching opportunity that I once experienced. I am grateful to Prof. Ingrid Montes, Prof. Osvaldo Rosario, and the chemistry faculty at UPR-RP. Thus, in appreciation, I dedicate to them my recent research article.”

With pride, we congratulate the great success of Dr. Nanita, and appreciate all the efforts by our faculty and supporting staff in providing high quality education.