UPR alumnus, Dr. Angel Martí, will receive the 2013 I-APS Young Investigator Award

11/15/ 2013

The Interamerican Photochemistry Society has just announced that Dr. Angel Martí, a former graduate student of Dr. Jorge Colón in our Department of Chemistry and currently Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at Rice University in Houston, Texas (, has been awarded the 2013 I-APS Young Investigator Award (

The I-APS Young Investigator Award was established in 2002 to recognize outstanding photoscientific contributions by Society members who have held an independent research position for no more than five years at the time of application.

The award will be presented at the winter meeting of the society in Sarasota next January 2-5, 2014. Dr. Martí will be asked to give a lecture at the conference and will receive up to $1000 to cover travel and lodging at the Lido Beach resort.

Dr. Martí graduated with a Ph.D. in 2004 with a dissertation titled: Photophysical and photochemical studies of luminescent molecules directly ion exchanged into zirconium phosphate materials.  After being a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Columbia University under the supervision of the late Professor Nicholas Turro studying the design and synthesis of fluorescence probes for nucleic acids and protein detection, he accepted a tenure-track position at the Department of Chemistry at Rice University in 2008.  Dr. Martí research group is interested in the design and synthesis of multifunctional molecular constructs for the treatment and diagnosis of amyloid forming diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, in addition to the development of sensors and the in vivo and in vitro detection of DNA and mRNA.  The Martí group uses inorganic chemistry, photochemistry, spectroscopic and molecular biology techniques to study problems in chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, nanotechnology and medicine.

We congratulate Dr. Martí on winning this prestigious award.