Prof. Katiyar’s group published an article based on room temperature multiferroic materials in Nature Communications

03/15/ 2013

D.M. Evans, A. Schilling, Ashok Kumar, D. Sanchez, N. Ortega, M. Arredondo, R.S. Katiyar,

J.M. Gregg1 and  J.F. Scott. Nature Communications 4|1534 doi:10.1038/ncomms2548


In collaborattion with Prof. J. Scott from University of Cambridge, and Prof. J.M. Gregg’s group from Queen’s University Belfast published their recent work on magnetic switching of ferroelectric domains at room temperature in multiferroic PZTFT in Nature Communications, a prestigious journal in the scientific research area.


In this study we discovered a new single-phase magnetoelectric multiferroics, that is, ferroelectric materials that display some form of magnetism. In addition, magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters are not independent of one another. Thus, the application of either an electric or magnetic field simultaneously alters both the electrical dipole configuration and the magnetic state of the material. The technological possibilities that could arise from magnetoelectric multiferroics are considerable and a range of functional devices has already been envisioned.