Professor Arthur Tinoco joined the department of Chemistry as a new faculty, welcome!

08/16/ 2012

A great news here! Dr. Arthur Tinoco, a brilliant young biochemistry, just joined th department  of chemistry as a new faculty. Welcome!

Dr. Tinoco received his PhD at Yale University under the mentorship of Prof. Ann M. Valentine where he conducted Bioinorganic Chemistry research. He then completed a Chemical Biology postdoc at Harvard University advised by Prof. Alan Saghatelian. His research interests lie in exploring the importance of metals in biology from both a fundamental and practical view point.

Dr. Tinoco is a firm believer that nature is the best biochemist, and he seeks to interface bioinorganic chemistry with chemical biology to synthesize ligands that mimic the metal binding sites of biomolecules to weaponize them for the development of the next generation of metal-based therapeutics. His research strategies will be specifically applied to anticancer and antidiabetes research.