UPR graduate student and faculty publish paper in Science on temperature adaptation in octopus

01/12/ 2012

Top: Summer in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Bottom: Carlos Rosario Beach, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico. Right: Octopus vulgaris in Puerto Rico.

Sandra Garrett

Joshua Rosenthal


Graduate student Sandra Garret and Professor Joshua Rosenthal have recently published a paper in the renowned journal Science explaining how octopuses have adapted to a wide range of environments, from warm Puerto Rico to the frozen Antarctic. Ms. Garrett is a student in the University of Puerto Rico Intercampus Doctoral Program administered by the Department of Biology at UPRRP. Dr. Rosenthal is a faculty member of the Institute of Neurobiology, UPR Medical Sciences and is also a faculty member of the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program at UPRRP.


Original article as pre-published in Science Express: RNA Editing Underlies Temperature Adaptation in K+ Channels from Polar Octopuses by Sandra Garrett and Joshua J.C. Rosenthal


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