Ginger McKee from Wolfram Mathematica will be on campus to give a Mathematica technical talk.

Date: Thursday, March 3. A-211
The details of the talks are below:

"Mathematica in Education and Research" 10-11am, including Q&A College of Natural Sciences Building, Room A-211 March 3, 2011 Ginger McKee from Wolfram Mathematica.  These seminar will be given 100% in Mathematica, and will show Mathematica 8's new free-form input, making Mathematica suitable for a far wider scope of projects and course examples for any STEM, business and economics, or liberal arts field.  The content will help attendees with no prior experience get started with the Mathematica language and workflow.  Since there is a large amount of new functionality in Version 8, most intermediate and advanced users who attend my talks report learning quite a bit as well.  All attendees will receive an electronic copy of the examples, which can be adapted to individual projects.