Message from Dean's Office

12/22/ 2010
Dear colleagues,

The Deanship of Academic Affairs in its Circular 8 (2010-2011) is requesting from our faculty members that have students with internships and exchange in January 2011, international students and other special populations to facilitate their evaluation and final grade of this semester before Wednesday, December 22, 2010. Our stand point on this matter is that professors should make arrangements with these students that may include equivalent experiences to exams, term papers or presentations that could be counted as a grade.

It is important to state, that we are not recommending that professors finalize the grades of these students with what they have until now, especially if there are still meeting classes or laboratories and/or have final exams to give when we return in January, 2011. It is our opinion that this strategy hinders the students' access to be  fully educated in the topics included in each particular course. Thus, for those colleagues that decide that the students should comply with the evaluation criteria included in syllabus, we suggest to give an Incomplete for the course. In contrast, for international students that will leave our campus we are suggesting that the professors find alternatives for them to comply with the evaluation criteria included in the syllabus and submit a grade shortly. The Registrar has extended the dates for submitting these grades. Please see the ammended circular sent by Millie and Evelyn yesterday.

Our intention with these suggestions to our Faculty is to help diminish the impact that these changes in the academic calendar may have on the academic career of these students with special circumstances. We are sensitive that these efforts perhaps increase the demands for work from our professors. Nevertheless, we are certain that our Faculty will provide flexible scenarios that comply with our highest standard of academic endeavor.

Please note that the Registrar's forms to submit early grades are already available at each Department's office.


Dean's Office