Message from the mediation committee

12/13/ 2010

Dear CN community,

Last Friday December  10th, our comite de mediacion held two forums aimed at discussing the proposal Sumando Ganamos Todos. The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank once again Dr. Carlos Colon de Armas for coming to our Faculty and explain the proposal to the audience. A copy of this proposal is in our CN website. From the discussion of this forum,  a student initiative was born that supports this proposal.  One of the strategies proposed in the meeting was to begin an active effort of lobbying at the legislature, mayors and government with letters signed by members of the CN community and regular citizens. In order to achieve this goal of collecting as many signatures as possible, students have organized today two tables for signatures: one in the main entrance of the CN Fase II (boca del sapo) and one in front of the CN library.

We encourage everyone that support this effort to participate in this endeavor lead by the students. With this message, I am attaching the notes of both forums, the letter written by the students and a flyer with the contact information of the group supporting this effort (face book estudiantesunidosporsumandoganamostodos).

Propuesta para resolver crisis fiscal de la UPR (20101130).pdf
FORO discusión propuesta Sumando ganamos todos.doc

Carmen S. Maldonado-Vlaar, PhD
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