Dean's message

12/07/ 2010


As of 9:00 PM tonight (Tues, Dec. 7), we still do not have a clear scenario for tomorrow, but it is likely that it will be similar to today.  Faculty, students and other lab personnel that need to get to their research laboratories to attend experiments and equipment should have access, as they did today, mostly without incident.  Access to administrative offices is still limited.  The locksmith that we brought in to fix the locks made limited progress (the damage was extensive), until his work was interrupted by violent threats, and he chose to leave.  We have made arrangements to have space in Plaza Universitaria to set up a limited operation.  There is also no air conditioning in Fase I, Fase II and parts of Facundo Bueso (any areas with chilled water feeds from the Central Plant), which may or may not be fixed by tomorrow depending on access to technical personnel.

Security on campus remains a big issue.  Due to the barricades in the roads around campus, there is no access to the research buildings by emergency vehicles.  There are individuals with covered faces and sticks walking around campus, leading to a situation that can be very intimidating.  It is not clear whether either of these security situations will be remedied by Weds. AM.


Given all that, I will be present in the ROTC parking lot tomorrow after 8 AM.  At that time, we will decide the course of action for the day.



Brad R Weiner

Dean, College of Natural Sciences and
Director, Puerto Rico EPSCoRPO
Box 23341
University of Puerto Rico