Important Information for Dec. 7, 2010

12/07/ 2010

Brad R. Weiner

This evening, a multisectorial meeting of the College of Natural Sciences was held in Amphitheatre NCN-142.  No official attendance was taken, but the number of students, faculty and staff far exceeded the 280 seat capacity of the amphitheatre.  As a result of the meeting, the College of Natural Sciences named a facilitating committee composed of four administrators, four faculty members, four students and four non-teaching personnel.  A separate memo from the committee accompanies this communication.
A group of professors presented a motion at the meeting to promote discussion about possible solutions to the fiscal crisis confronting the University of Puerto Rico.  The final motion that was approved by the assembly was to use the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) of classroom time to discuss and brainstorm with students about possible solutions to the University’s problems, in the interest of promoting critical thinking and social consciousness.  Thursday will be reserved for placing the ideas on a blog on the University website, which will be followed on Friday by another multisectorial meeting (open invitation) to finalize the proposal(s) to be presented to the UPR administration.  Following the meeting, a vigil will be held in support of the proposal(s) to demonstrate the seriousness and commitment of the College of Natural Sciences to the future of the institution.
As a result of the approved motion, we are asking faculty to please respect and comply with the decision taken at the meeting, and to join in the spirit of looking for creative solutions to the difficult situation that the University finds itself.
More information about the upcoming meetings will be posted on the Natural Sciences website.

En reunión multisectorial de la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales se aprobó por mayoría la moción de que se iniciara la discusión de propuestas para solucionar la situación de conflicto que confronta la Universidad de Puerto Rico. Para llevar esto a cabo se constituyó un comité de mediación constituido por miembros del personal docente, no docente y estudiantil. Dicho comité tiene tres encomiendas principales.  Primero, servir como grupo de mediación para resolver cualquier conflicto que se genere durante el cierre de la Universidad.  Segundo, facilitar la discusión de propuestas y la presentación de soluciones durante dos días lectivos en la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales.   Y tercero, este comité también tiene la labor de guiar el proceso hacia una discusión plena donde se reúnan las propuestas discutidas para ser presentadas a la comunidad universitaria.

Le incluimos la constitución del comité en este comunicado.Cualquier situación o sugerencia que usted tenga puede contactar a uno de los miembros o enviarla a

In a multisectorial meeting of our Faculty of Natural Sciences a motion was approved by the majority of those attended to initiate a discussion of proposals aimed at finding solutions for the conflict facing the University of Puerto Rico.  In order to achieve this aim, a committee was created that included representatives from the administration, faculty, staff and students sectors.  The committee’s three main goals are:  first, to serve as a mediator group to resolve any conflict that may arise during the closing of the University; second, to facilitate the discussion of proposals and the presentation of possible solutions to the fiscal crisis of the UPR during two academic days within our Faculty of Natural Sciences and; third, this committee also is responsible for guiding the discussion process where all solutions and proposals Hill be gathered and presented to the UPR community.

We are including with this message the names and emails of the members of the committee. Any suggestions or situations that you would like to share with the committe regarding its goals please contact any of the members or send an email to

Dr. Brad Weiner (Decano):
Dr. Lizette Vicens (Directora Programa de Nutricion):
Dr. Nestor Carballeira (Director Interino, Quimica): nestor
Dra. Carmen S. Maldonado-Vlaar (Directora Interina, Biología):

Empleados no-docentes
Sr. Larry Diaz (Biología):
Sra. Gisela Porras (Ciencias Ambientales):
Sra. Lillian Cordero (Oficina del Decano):

Sr. Jose Serrano (Biología):
Sr. Eliseo Acevedo (Matematicas):
Sr. Edwin Ortiz (Quimica):
Srta. Amy Ruiz (Biología):

Dr. Alberto Sabat (Biología-NCN):
Dr. Jose E. Garcia Arraras (Biología-JGD):
Dr. Zhongfang Chen (Quimica-FB):
Dr. Luis Perichi (Matematicas-NCN):