Professor Cabrera's recent work was highlighted in The Electrochemical Society Interface Fall 2010

10/08/ 2010

Professor Carlos Cabrera’s recent paper

Lyda La-Torre-Riveros,  Keyla Soto, M. Aulice Scibioh, and Carlos R Cabrera, “Electrophoretically Fabricated Diamond Nanoparticle-Based Electrodes”, J. Electrochem Soc. 2009, 157 (6), B831-B836.

was highlighted in The Electrochemical Society Interface Fall 2010, for details, please refer to, and the following

Electrophoretically Fabricated Diamond Nanoparticle-Based electrodes

The implementation of nanomaterials into real-world device applications, such as the development of environmentally sustainable fuel cells, has progressed with the recent development that high surface area catalytic materials can be fabricated from nanostructured diamond. Of the multitude of available techniques to control the liquid phase distribution of nanomaterials, electrophoretic deposition appears to be well suited to provide a facile, expeditious path toward the fabrication of uniform nanostructured films. In this vein, scientists from the University of Puerto Rico at San Juan have employed both electrophoretic deposition to deposit films comprised of nanoparticulate diamond and electrochemical deposition to form platinum coatings atop said diamond. These films, cast atop silicon substrates, were fashioned as electrodes in fuel cells and exhibited favorable cyclic voltammetric current profiles for the oxidation of methanol. Further, the scientists confirmed that electrophoretic deposition yields chemically stable electrodes for fuel cell device applications. Future studies of boron-doped nanodiamond systems, which would result in p-type electrodes, may expand the appeal of these materials and this fabrication technique for other energy storage device applications.

Lyda La Torre Riveros was the PhD student, and Keyla Soto is a Chemistry High School Teacher  working in Professor Cabrera’s lab.

Congrats and continue the high quality work!