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Making career choices in a world flooded with options is not an easy task. In a society where Science is having a tremendous impact in all facets of our lives, a career in Biology can open countless opportunities. In fact, Biology in its broadest sense has spurred a myriad of new career options at the interface with computing, space, environmental, health, physical, and social sciences among others. Those seeking traditional careers, such as Medicine and Law, will get a solid preparation in the “science of life.” Not surprisingly, our department has the largest body of undergraduate students in the College of Natural Sciences and the campus as a whole.

Starting in 2007 we began to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with emphasis in Cellular-Molecular or Integrative Biology (students registered in 2007 and thereafter). Our new program allows students a greater flexibility for choosing courses that meet their interests, promotes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work, and encourages the involvement of students in research. Under the revised Biology curriculum all students take the same keystone courses during their first and second year, and then they choose to concentrate in Cellular-Molecular or Integrative Biology.

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