Grad/Post Grad Student Support for AAAS Meetings


Richard O. Lempert <> informa:

The Section budget contains money that will allow us to help support several grad or post grad students to attend the February annual meeting from Wednesday February 13 through Sunday February 19. Attached is a list of allowable expenses. Note that airfare must be purchased 14 days in advance at cheapest rates and student registration rates increase by $10 on January 22. Also depending on the number of applicants for support it is possible if not likely that there will be a cap on the amount of support that any one student or postdoc can receive. Those supported should be studying for a degree or working as a postdoc in one of the social science disciplines included under our Sections umbrella (broadly interpreted to include social sciences closely related to our named sciences if they are not represented by another AAAS section.). They should also commit to attend the Section Business Meeting from 10 until noon on February 15.

Any person interested in applying for Section K support should send a support request to me by January 18, 2018. In their letter they should indicate the discipline in which they are studying for a graduate degree or working as a postdoc; provide a budget indicating the minimum Section support they think they will need to attend the annual meeting; and list other sources of support that they have available to attend the meeting.

Expenses Allowed for AAAS Grad Student Travel


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